McDonalds Calories

McDonalds Calories for Popular Items. Here we will cover the McDonalds calories to some of the most popular menu items. These are generally the items that you will find sold at just about every domestic McDonalds.

Hamburger – 250 calories, 3.5 g of Saturated Fat, 520 mg of Sodium, 6 g of Sugar and 12 g of Protein

McDouble – 390 calories, 19 g of fat, 8 g of Saturated fat, 33g Carbohydrate, 7g of Sugar, 22g of Protein

Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese – 510 calories, 26g of Fat, 1.5 g of Trans fat, 1190 mg of Sodium, 9 g of Sugar

Big Mac – 540 calories, 29g of Fat, 1.5 g of Saturated fat, 1040 mg of Sodium, 9g of Sugar

Big N’ Tasty -460 calories, 24g of Total Fat, 720 mg of Sodium, 8 g of Sugar

McChicken – 360 calories, 16 of Total Fat, 0 trans fat, 830 mg of Sodium, 14 g of Protein

McRib – 500 calories, 26g of Total fat, 0 trans fat, 11g of Sugar, 22g of Protein

Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich – 420 calories, 10g total fat, 2g of Saturated fat, 1190mg of Sodium

You can download the full McDonalds calorie and nutritional info here.

McDonalds is a fan of leading trends and innovation with their food. If you are a fan of McDonalds then you already know that the menu is more than just delicious burgers and fries. From the full offerings of a snack wrap all the way to the Premium Salads offered via the McCafe.

Produced and manufactured via Chef Dan, which is the Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Innovation. Chefs key role and responsibility is to help the team of chefs at McDonalds develop and create new menus for over 14,000 restaurants. They brainstorm, test and taste hundreds of new items each and every month. Its all about creation, innovation and creativity and teamwork. The goal is to create a bold, flavorful and exciting dish for patrons. No idea is a bad idea.

Jim Skinner is currently the Chief Executive Officer of McDonalds and is also the Vice Chairman. Skinner leads the worlds largest food service company with over 32,000 restaurants. Currently McDonalds serves over 60 million customers each day and employs over 1.7 million people throughout the world.

Skinner joined and has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2004. He also serves on the boards for Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Walgreen Company, ITW and Catalyst.